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Buying a home has never been easier. We have worked hard to streamline the loan approval process to provide you with the best possible options available. Our team can get you pre-approved quickly and out shopping for your new home.

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Before you even start searching for a home, it’s smart to get pre-approved for the value of your preferred type of property. Pre-approval handles much of the work involved in mortgage lending in advance. You’ll get a “Letter of pre-approval” which defines the maximum value you’re able to get and the proposed terms of your future mortgage.

A pre-approval letter is the next best thing to cold hard cash in your pocket. You can shop and negotiate on houses with confidence, knowing you can secure the necessary funds quickly and close the deal before other buyers can organize a competitive offer.

We have free online tools which can generate personalized mortgage offers by reputable banks and lenders. Our Loan Officers will decipher the complicated finance language, explain how the various terms affect your financial situation, and help you choose the most cost effective solution for your specific needs and goals. We monitor daily rates for all major mortgage providers and work with all types of loans:

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There is a quicker, but cruder way to gauge whether you can afford a given mortgage. The pre-qualification process reviews your total monthly debt as a percentage of your total gross monthly income. Your total monthly debt includes the proposed mortgage payment, your car and credit card payments and other fixed expenses. The result is a debt to income ratio (DTI), which banks and lenders use to determine if the proposed mortgage payment is affordable or not according to their standards.

Pre-qualification is not any sort of guarantee, as it doesn’t include any real evidence of your financial situation - credit reports, pay stubs, bank statements, etc. However, it’s a decent ballpark when you’re still in the early days of researching your future home purchase.

We can generate a pre-qualification quote for you in just a couple of minutes and all you need to do is submit a 30-second form answering a few basic questions.

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